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From Cuddling to Coupling

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One of my first “adult” relationships (as in, neither of us lived with our parents) was with a guy who lived in a tiny studio with no shower or windows. I had roommates and he didn’t, so we inevitably ended up at his place. And while the size of his apartment didn’t bug me, what never ceased to put a damper on our hanky panky was the process of wrestling with his futon to get it into a horizontal position.

We just might have lasted if he’d had one of these:




The Eclosion bed by designer Olivier Gregoire sets out to avoid the dreaded futon battle (not to mention the naked mattress on the floor battle). Unzip and pump up for couch mode; deflate and zip up for bed mode. It’s that simple, which means you can concentrate your energy on far more important things.

[Olivier Gregoire]

[via Fubiz]