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From Shirt to Sleeve

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Last night our weekly Lost party was missing more than a few folks, and — blame it on extended Super Bowl hangovers or a serious case of the Tuesdays — those of us who showed up did so in true sweatpants-and-t-shirt style. The whole affair got us talking about our favorite old garments that can’t be worn out and about anymore, and someone mentioned Hello Rewind — an awesome little New York-based company that creates 100% recycled laptop sleeves from your favorite t-shirt.

Hello Rewind sends a postage-paid envelope for your shirt, you send it back, and 4-8 weeks later you get your new laptop sleeve. And, as if the whole concept isn’t already pretty amazing, the company’s proceeds go to helping victims of sex trafficking in New York City. 

In other words, your favorite tee gets repurposed, your laptop looks snazzy, and you’re supporting a good cause. I might have to invest in an entire wardrobe for my little MacBook Pro.

[$49, Hello Rewind]

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