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Games of Chance

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I’ve always been easily impressed by a guy who can pull off a halfway decent card trick. Call me a sucker, but something about the sleight of hand required… well, let’s just say that it implies the presence of all sorts of more intimate skills.

Which is why — if you’re in the business of impressing a new friend or two — this slick card set is worth a gander. It comes with a comprehensive book of card games and tricks, as well as two very sophisticated decks: one all black with embossed suits, and one all white.

Trust me — whether you find yourself in a cozy corner of a bar or your apartment with the lights turned low, there isn’t much sexier than showing off your gentlemanly gaming skills. And in the end, chance doesn’t really need to even come into the equation.

[$50, Gent Supply]

[via Cool Material]