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When you have a date over, it’s a good idea to have an interesting coffee table book to keep the conversation flowing if it were to dry out. Said book should be replete with photos, preferably of something really cool. And it doesn’t get much cooler than the Mods.

“I’m One: 21st Century Mods” is a photo collection the Mod subculture by Horst A. Friedrichs. From high fashion to dance parties, this book covers the full extent of what it means to be a Mod.

When going through this book, you and your date can talk about your favorite photos and outfits and how badly you guys want Vespa scooters. If your date isn’t into any of this, then it might be safe to say that you won’t be seeing them again. I mean, seriously, how can┬ásomeone not like a Vespa?

[$35, Prestel]

[via Selectism]