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I met my husband online, on Friendster of all places.

Yes, I know. It’s like I’m practically a senior citizen.

And since that apparently made me an online dating expert, I spent a half hour last night editing my younger brother’s new profile (don’t tell him I told you).

Now, you may not have noticed, but Nerve Personals has some pretty sexy singles on offer itself (in fact, I highly recommend it over some of the less niche dating sites. If you are on there, and having trouble getting noticed with the online profile you’ve put up, you can hire me as a consultant…ooor, you can pick up this new online dating guide, available at the end of this month.

(Men: If this looks too girly for you, don’t despair. Dr. Evan Katz wrote a similar guide for both males and females several years ago.)

Ooor, yeah. You can hire me. Feel free.