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Get Some Hot Musician Tips from Bret and Jemaine

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As one who is musically inclined, I’ve always gotten a little hot in the panties for those who could carry a tune, get down and improvisationally dirty on the keybard, or somehow inject my name into a song. 

One sweet southerner threw my name into “Margaritaville.” (This basically guaranteed that I would sleep with him later that night.)

My present-day main man wrote me a song — “My Girlfriend’s a Loner” — that he later played with his band at a local dive.


If you’re looking for some professional hot musician tips, I wouldn’t look any further than Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords, especially since their season 2 DVD has just come out:


[$17.99, Amazon]

Some lessons to learn from them:

  • black-framed glasses are sexy
  • so are accents, if you can pull them off
  • a woman likes a guy who is willing to dance, especially if he dances like Bret and Jemaine
  • writing a song for someone is the sweetest thing ever (it’s the thought that counts)

Get on it, guys.