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Welcome to the Missouri Lounge, one of my favorite not-quite-a-dive bars, and the perfect venue for observing how gorgeous folks with down to earth attitudes go about playing the game of attraction. Not surprisingly, the game is often all about an actual game.

Inside, the Missouri’s set up to resemble your grandma’s living room. That is, if your grandma had a penchant for punk rock DJs and tequila/PBR specials. Tucked away beside the comfy couches and coffee table is a magical set of dominoes.


Magical because once you start playing this game, you’re pretty much required to have fun. And once you start having fun, other people want to have fun with you. And yes, that includes the hottie in the corner that you’ve had your eye on since you got here.

But since we all can’t have the Missouri to help us be on our game, best to bring along your own dominoes. Get yourself a double six set (portable and exactly what you’ll need for bar-style dominoes), and you’ll be making new friends in no time.

[$10, Amazon]