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Getting Intimate From Afar

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Building attraction and reaching levels of comfortable intimacy can be tough when the person’s in your town. Imagine attempting that long distance?

Long distance doesn’t need to be the end of your relationship, but one of the things that’s usually lacking is the intimacy. Something about Gchat, AIM, and Skype that just can’t capture the intimacy, even though you can use a webcam and see the other person. Sure you guys can have a little bit of cyber sex and get off, but then you miss out on the sweet and crucial cuddling afterwards. Distance Lab, a Scotland-based research organization, has been trying to work on this problem and Mutsugoto is their solution.

Mutsugoto is a body-drawing communicator for long distance partners. I’ll let them explain this one:

“Mutsugoto allows distant partners to communicate through the language of touch as expressed on the canvas of the human body. A custom computer vision and projection system allows users to draw on each other’s bodies while lying in bed. Drawings are transmitted “live” between the two beds, enabling a different kind of synchronous communication that leverages the emotional quality of physical gesture. “

With the special ring, you can trace movements with light on your own body as well as your partners. The twinkling spots let you know where your partner is positioning his fingers. Lines will react with each other as the strokes cross, creating an interactive environment when you physically can’t be together. Here’s a video demonstrating how it works:


Mutsugoto from Distance Lab on Vimeo.

Anyone can mutually masturbate to each other over iChat, but it’s something like this, as silly as it sounds, that can really deepen your bond and increase attraction while maintaining some semblance of intimacy, even from thousands of miles away.


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