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Girl Crush: Elisabetta Canalis

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Just in case you didn’t already think that George Clooney has pretty much everything anyone could ever want, check out his gf up there. Yep, that’s Elisabetta in a shoot she did recently for Germany’s FHM Magazine. Two words: freakin’ hot.

So hot, in fact, that I got inspired to search for a sexy little black corset of my very own. And that led to a rather disturbing discovery:

Apparently Hot Topic sells corsets, but that’s not the disturbing part. Here it is: I sort of want to buy this Hot Topic corset. Then I want to wear it into a Hot Topic to show the faux-goth tweens what boobs look like. Um, yeah.

Ultimately, this maybe should have been a Date or Run Screaming post.

[$29, Hot Topic]