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Girl Crush: Freida Pinto

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Okay, okay, so it took me a year or so to finally see Slumdog Millionaire, but I swear it was worth the wait. And I’m not just talking cinematic merits: I completely fell in love with Freida Pinto. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and she’s about to be all over the place in 2010 — there are even rumors that she’s on the shortlist for the next Bond girl.

So what is it that makes Freida so appealing? I think it’s an irresistible mix of wholesome and sexy, perfectly played out in her consistent use of subtle colors, soft lines, and natural makeup. Case in point:

The good news is that Freida’s look is pretty easy to replicate. First things first, find yourself an ensemble that’s smooth, soft, and subtle in color:

[$78, Anthropologie]

[$55, ModCloth]

Next, invest in makeup that’s nearly natural. Stila’s eyeshadow smudge pots are a nice option that replaces liner and shadow, and they come in a variety of neutrals:

[$20, Sephora]

Channel some Freida, and you just might snag a 007 of your very own.