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Girl Crush: Melanie Laurent

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Ah, Melanie Laurent. She pretty much sums up all things sexy and French, from her sassy style sensibilities to her perfectly coy Parisian smile (and yes, she was actually born and raised in Paris). And while Melanie’s been in a lot of French films, we haven’t seen much of her Stateside. But, thanks to Quentin Tarantino, she’s finally become an import via Inglorious Basterds

Laurent absolutely killed as the mysterious French-born Shosanna, all smiles on the outside, but out for revenge on the inside. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, checking it out just for her dressing for the gala scene isn’t a bad idea.

And if you thought that Melanie rocked the 1940s Parisian look, check her out in cocktail dresses and sporty boots. Truly, she brings new (intercontinental) meaning to ooh-la-la.

Her secret? Well, aside from being absolutely, irresistibly French, she’s always dressed to a tee in something feminine, form-fitting, and very well-accessorized. Fortunately for us non-European ladies, her style is pretty simple to recreate. Pick up a hot little clutch, throw on a pair of eye-catching boots, and zip into a fun cocktail dress, and voila — you’ve got Laurent through and through.

[$63, Bluefly, $328, Anthropologie, $58, Urban Outfitters]