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Girls We Like: Suzette Charms Us With Her Upscale Amulet

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Suzette Guy’s necklace looks as if it could double as a paperweight or a handy portable engraving tool, but don’t let that fool you – this piece packs a surprising amount of elegence and intelligence into its deceptively simple-looking form. An artist whose work has appeared in places like Capricious Space in Brooklyn, Suzette talked with me for a bit about some of her recent collaborations with designer du jour Alexander Wang before I could ask about the oversize-yet-understated stone. She explained that the attention-grabbing necklace was a present from her boyfriend. Made from bronze and a small diamond, this necklace is actually from jewelery company Abraxas Rex, part of Paris Kain’s "Prehistoric" collection.

And appropriately so, as "abraxas" is a word that’s often been found engraved on antique gem stones, charms, and old parchments. A word connected to Gnostic mysticism, it was sometimes considered to represent a force beyond God and Satan that encompassed everything in one – an interpretation that serves as the company’s inspiration and unifying idea. (And they also pride themselves on being the first fine-jewelery company to "merge stones from earth and outer space.") While this example might look more like the dark side of the dark-vs-light binary, Suzette shows how it can be a standout piece, one that manages to not only match her black ensemble, but her hairstyle as well. That’s an accessory that’s really pulling its substantial weight.