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Girls We Like: Tiffany Mixes High Fashion with Atari

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Recently, I ran with my friend to Dorothy Iannone’s new show, Lioness, at the New Museum after slamming back a couple glasses of some nonsense Syrah. And though I was rushing to see the exhibit, as I walked in I was stopped in my tracks by a woman whose smile and laughter — not to mention her outfit — caught my attention. Since I needed to know where she found her amazing look, I waited a moment for her friend to disappear before I made my approach.

Once we started talking, I found out that Tiffany works for Oak Nyc and was wearing some of the store’s inventory (much more effective than any wooden hanger): a Yasuko Kurisaka kimono jacket and a banging pair of women’s tights. But I was dying to know where she got the classic ATARI top she was rocking.

"Forever 21," she said, grinning.

I love a girl who knows how to find something to wear absolutely anywhere.

On Tiffany:
Tights: Oak Nyc
Kimono Jacket: Yasuko Kurisaka
T-Shirt: Forever 21