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Go on Karaoke Dates Anytime

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Some of the best dates I’ve been on have involved singing songs at the top of our lungs to some degree. Whether it’s just two people at a karaoke night and a group renting a room, karaoke is some of the most fun people can have together.

And if you’re the single type that picks up girls/guys at karaoke night at your local bar, it’s best to practice for those karaoke snobs*. Put the iKaraoke on your Christmas wishlist. 

This microphone connects to any iPod (sorry iPhone users), gives you the option of muting vocals, and lets you practice your karaoke chops. You can even connect the iKaraoke to an external speaker source and start your own karaoke party at your place. Use the TunePrompter software that comes with it to program lyrics and videos for songs. 

Because whether you can sing or not, karaoke is an awesome date idea and singing with confidence is very sexy. 

*I really hate karaoke snobs. People shouldn’t care whether they are in key or singing well, it’s about having fun. Don’t tell me I can’t sing once I’ve finished doing a karaoke song. I am well aware of this. And I don’t care. My goal isn’t to win a Grammy, it’s to have sweaty, drunk fun to the point of losing my voice.

[$60, Fred Flare]