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Good Eats for Good Lovin’

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It’s admission time, guys. Here goes: I totally, completely, and helplessly crush on Alton Brown. And while I get a ton of crap for this crush of mine, my response is simple and resolute. He’s a geek. Who can cook. Are those not the two sexiest qualities that any guy could have, ever?


What my Alton Brown crush really boils down to (no pun intended) is that knowledge is sexy. And food-related knowledge? Well, that makes you pretty much the kitchen equivalent of Monica Bellucci in a thong on a hot day.

This newest Good Eats cookbook has nearly 400 pages of recipes, know-how, and generally geeky good times, including such aired-on-TV classics as Pork Fiction (ribs), Citizen Cane (caramel sauce), and Oat Cuisine (oatmeal) — to name just a few. So basically, get this book and you’re guaranteed to see way more action than your kitchen alone can handle.

[$25, Amazon]