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Grow a Hip Mustache for Cancer Awareness

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So we all know that, if you can pull it off, a mustache can be turned from creepy to cool, making it a tool of attraction at all those hipster dance parties.

Did you also know that mustaches can also be a tool in the fight against cancer?

Throughout the month of November, men across the world are encouraged to grow their whiskers for Movember, a charity event to raise funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.*

All you have to do is, you guessed it, grow a mustache! You can get involved by registering at Movember. Then grow out that stache starting fresh on November 1st (and try to motivate your friends and family to do the same or donate and support your efforts). The funds are then donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

And at Movember’s end, stache bashes will be hosted across the world. Finally, a place where mustachioed gentlemen and the women who love them can meet in one place, and all for a good cause.

*Testicular cancer is the most common cancer afflicting men aged 18-35 and prostate cancer will affect 1 in 6 men. That’s pretty serious.