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Guy and Joe on Good Shoes, Jeans, and Older Women

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What’s something that’s an instant turn-on when you see it on a girl?
Joe: I don’t know, a good-looking girl’s a good-looking girl—whatever she’s wearing. I’m not really that fussy.
Guy: Um, good shoes. Good jeans. 

Any in particular?
G: (laughs) No, not necessarily any type—just good. 

If you were determined to have a one-night stand, what would you wear?
G: I don’t know. I don’t think it ever comes down to clothes.

 Is there a celebrity people tell you you look like?
J: He gets Ashton Kutcher (laughs). I’ve gotten Richard Ashcroft. Random stuff like that.

 Do you like Ashton Kutcher?
G: (laughs) No.
J: He does have a thing for older women though.

G: Yeah.

What do people tell you is the sexiest thing about you?
G: I don’t hear that very often. God, I don’t know. Don’t remember the last time I heard that.
J: Maybe the hair. There’s plenty of that going on.