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Halloween Resource: Easy Costumes with Serious Sex Appeal

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Want to go sexy on a budget this Halloween? Sick of wearing out-of-the-bag polyester costumes but not quite ready for a full-on DIY project? Never fear — here are three irresistibly sexy costumes that won’t take a ton of money or effort:

#1: The Cheshire Cat

Forget Alice, the Cheshire Cat has got all the naughty sex appeal, and you don’t need one of those polyester numbers to pull it off. Creative notes: use purple masking tape to create stripes on your outfit and tail, and instead of a mask, make yourself a creepy smile out of cardboard and Sharpie, masquerade-style.


[Tail and Ears: $9, Amazon], [Striped Socks: $8, Hot Topic], [Purple Masking Tape: $3, Ace Hardware]

#2: Smurfette

What’s not to love about a single girl smurf who lives in a village full of men? Smurfette evokes all kinds of sexy, while being relatively easy to recreate:


[Face Paint: $2, Century Novelty], [Blonde Wig: $15, Amazon], [White Dress: $27, Forever 21], [White Hat: $8, American Apparel]

[via The Frisky]

#3: Laura Palmer

This costume gets serious indie cred points, and when I wore it last year, I can’t tell you how many compliments I got. The best part? It’s super easy to channel the famed corpse of Twin Peaks; just get yourself a tarp, a belt, and some white facepaint, and you’re there:


[Face Paint: $2, Century Novelty], [Tarp: $9.50, Ace Hardware], [Hair Gel: $3, Walgreens]

With all the money you’ll save, your costume will be sexy and thrifty. And that’s totally hot.