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Halloween Resource: Forever 21

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At this point in our lives, Halloween is obviously just an excuse to dress up as some sexy, slutty iteration of something and have anonymous sex with the guy dressed up as Indiana Jones. Instead of spending big bucks on some cheap, ill-fitting Sexy Something costume in order to get some action, why not head to one of the biggest goldmines out there in terms of sluttiness: The Juniors Section. The biggest juniors section of all? Forever 21.

Look at the images above. One of those outfits is a Sexy Ballerina costume that will fall apart by the end of the night (and if it doesn’t, you’ll lose parts of it before the next Halloween rolls around). The other short-hemmed, ballerina-inspired outfit looks like it might actually be comfortable to wear…for your next 10 Halloweens. And knowing Forever 21, it’s probably cheaper. Need I say more?

I just bought a shimmery, ruffled mini skirt from there for $15, for a sexy cat costume I’m putting together. My ass looks great in it. Halloween, here I come.