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Hannah and Her Rocking Red Lipstick

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Hannah for Tools

If you apply the rock-paper-scissors model to make-up, lipstick would definitely be rock. I came to this highly-scientific conclusion after meeting Hannah, whose sexy-vibrant lip color dazzled me even in the dim rooms of Danny’s Tavern in Chicago’s Bucktown one night last week.

"Okay, I absolutely love my lipstick!" Hannah declared. The color is called Jungle Red by Nars and is available at Sephora, she told me. When I suggested changing the name of the hue to Joanie by Mad Men, she only smiled wider. "Actually, I inherited my lipstick philosophy from my grandmother, who doesn’t wear a bit of make up except bright lipstick." She says it’s the perfect complement to her fantastic smile.

A strategist and planner for a university, Hannah’s style is all about finding the right tone for the working world.  Her ruffly blouse from J. Crew and her sweater (Target) are perfect for a day at work, but she dresses things up by donning an endlessly chic pair of Versace glasses, available in any prescription at LensCrafters. For those moments when a change in costume is required, she keeps a drawerful of heels in her office. Her functional take on make-up follows suit. In addition to her varying lip color (subtle pinks during the week, sexy reds on the weekend), she especially loves when great colors come in matte finish. "I think it makes them more wearable for every day," Hannah says.

Completing the rock-paper-scissors model of make up will no doubt require more research, but preliminary research (i.e. a random poll of some friends and strangers at the bar) lists either mascara or eye shadow as the paper to lipstick’s rock, with blush coming in as the important – yet sometimes forgettable – scissors. Until we have more conclusive results, however, let’s just say that bright red lipstick – and happy hour – rock.