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Happy Hour: A Bicycle Built for Booze

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Summer is here, and that means your love life might be focused on a few new elements: 1) getting in shape, and 2) perfecting your blended drinks repertoire. This bike has got it all — a way to work out and a built-in blender.

Rock the Bike makes this 2-in-1 contraption (dubbed Fender Blender) that doubles as your key to summertime dating success and a clever reminder that person power is the greenest around. Blend enough margaritas, and you’re sure to help the environment and have buns of drunken steel.

For the price-savvy, they also sell a version of the blender that you can add to your own wheels:


And yes, that means you can blend on the go.

[$1900 for the Fender Blender bike, Rock the Bike]

[$250 for the Fender Blender add-on, Rock the Bike]

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