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Happy Hour: A Drunken Vessel

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If you’ve already got a flask, you’re already the cool drunk guy — the suave asshole with a drinking problem. And who doesn’t love that?

But whether you’re the cool drunk guy or the weird alcoholic in the corner, flasks with silly slogans are a no-go.

If you really want your alcoholism to get everyone’s attention, you need something eye-catching and worth talking about, like this leather flask.

Like wine sacks, this leather flask has vintage appeal and fellow parties will think you’re drinking some fancy booze. Little do they know it’s the old M/D 20/20.

These “vessels” are hand made from heavy saddle skirting and are very rigid. The outside is waterproofed and the inside is coated with a food-safe resin.

In addition, you can also drink warm beverages out of this so get those Irish coffees ready for the autumn party season; it’s going to be a cold one.

[$29, Etsy]

[via Valet.]