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Happy Hour: A Recipe for (Boozy) Romance

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Want to invite your date in for a nightcap, but don’t know your way around a corkscrew and a cocktail shaker? I feel your pain. But you shouldn’t forego a chance at booze-tinged seduction just because you’d never quit your day job to bartend.

At a party just last year, I used a mix to create a sangria punch, and the guests went wild. Like, rabidly so.

Mixes often get as bad a rep as boxed wines, but both are unfounded. I’d like to suggest trying out these Urban Accents cocktail mixers, which are available not only for sangrias, but also for mojitos, bloody marys, margaritas, and cosmos.

Your date will never know you’re not a pro.

[$19.95, HSN]

[Via Shelterpop]