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Happy Hour: A Stirring Encounter

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There’s just no denying that a martini is an incredibly sexy drink. I’m not ashamed to admit that the bartender at the cozy little tapas place near my apartment knows my order by heart: vodka martini, extra dry, extra dirty, and extra olives. It only takes about two-thirds before I feel like a whole new woman.

All that said, my favorite martini is certainly different from the next drinker’s. Which is why, when I came across a "perfect martini" recipe, I thought it fit to reprint here. What makes it so perfect? It acknowledges that the best martini is in the eye of the beholder, but it also insists that there’s a universal ingredient involved… the stir.

The Perfect Martini Stir:
1) In the receptacle of your choice, add the booze first, then your preferred amount of vermouth.
2) Add the ice only when you’re ready to start stirring
3) Stir for at least 40 seconds, but no more than 60. Do it. Time it. Love it.

Will a perfectly stirred martini get you noticed? Quite likely. Will it get you laid? Let’s just say maybe and see what happens.

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