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Happy Hour: An Opener for the Corkscrew-Challenged

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Okay, okay, so I didn’t intend to include kitten porn when I set out to write a post about wine openers, but some things you just can’t fight. And what better way to broach a crucial tool of attraction than with furry cuteness? Namely: the ability to open wine without looking like a complete idiot. Unless you’re sober or strictly a beer drinker, sooner or later you’ll have to open a bottle of wine for that special somebody. When the time comes, you better be ready with this:


In about fifteen seconds, the Waring Pro wine opener will flawlessly pop the cork on that pesky bottle of wine. Simple press one button to automatically cut the foil, press another to activate the cork-puller, and presto! you’ve got wine. And it’s cordless, so you can tote it along just about anywhere you might think to open a bottle of wine.

All that said, I might fall over myself jumping into bed with a guy who lets his cat open wine for him. Though it better be a pretty adorable cat. And a screw-top bottle of wine. On second thought, you should probably just get the opener.

[$45.50, Amazon]

[via Cool Material]