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Happy Hour: Bar Smarts

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The bartender is pretty damn impressive. The way he/she effortlessly fixes those delicious concoctions like gimlets, martinis, Manhattans, etc.

Definitely enough to make someone swoon, whether you’re drunk or not.

And though we all would like to attend a bartending course for the hell of it, it’s something people never really get around to unless they are really serious about bartending.

 Thankfully, BarSmarts Wired just made it a lot easier for us to get our bartending certification and thus learn the skills to impress the pants off everyone with cocktail-making abilities.


For the registration fee you get:

  1. A video class designed by professional bartenders
  2. A messenger bag full of all necessary bar tools
  3. Hands-on exercises and evaluations
  4. Certification from Beverage Alcohol Resources (B.A.R.)

 Hurry up though: this program only goes on until September 30, 2009!

Check out the BarSmarts WIRED demo video here.

[$45, BarSmarts WIRED]

[via Cocktail Nerd]

[photo via / CC BY 2.0]