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Happy Hour: Barrel of Wine

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Whether it’s party time or an intimate get-together, red wine is always sure to put everyone in the mood. And what better way to get the good times rolling than with three liters of wine?!

And though it may seem the only way to achieve such a bulk tasting of fermented grapes would be to buy a few bottles of wine or invest in a much-less-than-satisfactory box of Franzia, you can go with the Mini Barrel from Red Truck.

This barrel of wine contains 3 litters of Red Truck’s California Red Wine, which blends Syrah, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Mourvedre grapes. It’s “Medium-bodied and complex, flavors of chocolate, berries, cherries and licorice abound” with a black pepper finish.

Classier looking than a box of wine, this recyclable barrel is a great conversation piece at your next party. Plus, all the time you save not uncorking those bottles of wine can be spent talking to the attractive folks in attendance.


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