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Happy Hour: Be the Cool Guy at That Next House Party

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As much as everyone loves the dude that brings the booze, everyone really loves the guy making the drinks. 

And if he’s any good, he’ll save you from a night of shitty rum and cokes by offering something interesting like a pomegranate martini or an old fashioned. 

But of course, every good bartender needs his tools. 

If you aspire to be that guy, make sure you go to that next house party prepared:


The Meehan bag by Moore and Giles, Inc. was designed by Jim Meehan, who was voted best bartender in America at a fancy, schmancy mixology convention.

With loads of space for your mixers, bar tools, and a change of clothes, you’re all set to be the hit of the party (and someone’s bedroom). 

[$660, Moore and Giles, Inc.]

[via Hypebeast]

photo via Metromix Atlanta