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Happy Hour: Beerfest in SF

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This whole week has been a little slice of paradise in San Francisco: it’s officially SF Beer Week, which means a whole lot of delicious, hard-to-find brews all descending on our seven mile square city. Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind of crowded bars and drunken tastings, with the (less fuzzy) memorable moments including custom beer cocktails at Alembic and a taste of much-anticipated beer ice cream. And while we couldn’t even make it through the door at The Toronado’s Pliny the Younger release, we did manage to score a few gourmet sausages next door at Rosamunde. And Beer Week isn’t even over yet.

This weekend, to celebrate our own version of Valentine’s Day, we’re going on the hunt for some Dogfish Head. It’s by far one of my favorite indie breweries, and it just came out with a list of 2010 releases. I’ve got a special hankering to try this one:

But if you aren’t the vicinity of SF this weekend, never fear:you can likely find Dogfish Head at your fancy neighborhood liquor store (or sometimes even Whole Foods), and you can get it online at Bottle Trek. Because when it comes down to it, tasty beer and good lovin’ are sort of the perfect combination.

[Bottle Trek]

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