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Happy Hour: Big, Big Wine

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If there was ever a miracle cure for first date jitters, it’s got to be a generously poured glass of wine. Thinking back to the first date I ever had with my man, I was so nervous that one glass turned into three, which turned into most of a bottle. By the time we went to dinner, I already had drunk munchies, and the menu was so blurry I had to point. Flash forward six or seven years, and apparently that was a pretty smart move.

But if you don’t want to feel like a complete lush before your date even starts, allow me to recommend the bottle of wine glass. It weighs in at about four times the size of your average wine glass, and (I’m speaking from experience here) it does indeed nicely fit an entire bottle.

I would, however, suggest sticking to just one glass before Mr. Wonderful arrives.

[$12, Lighter Side]

[via Cool Material]