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Happy Hour: Brats and Beer

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Welcome to Rosamunde, my favorite little gourmet sausage joint that’s conveniently located next to the Toronado — a bar known for its huge beer menu (we’re talking hundreds of bottles, plus a dozen rotating taps) and fairly fabulous jukebox. Even better, the two spots have an understanding that you can buy a sausage at Rosamunde, then head to the Toronado; when you’re food is ready, they’ll knock on the wall to let you know, and you can eat surrounded by beer and rock ‘n’ roll. Some of my favorite afternoons are spent with my man, a brat with everything, and a chocolately stout. It’s truly a perfect date.

It’s also a date you can replicate in picnic and/or at-home form. Just get yourself some gourmet sausages, fry ’em up with onions, and pair the whole thing with your beer of choice. Here’s my recommendation:

Spicy duck sausage with Dogfish Head Stout — it’s a killer combination that’ll turn on more than just your tastebuds.

Let’s just say that if the way to the heart is through the stomach, then beer and sausage is a sure thing.