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Happy Hour: Buy Her a Stout

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Though I’m more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker, leaning toward the Cabernets and Pinot Noirs as the weather turns cooler, I feel lame ordering the house red at most bars. Thank god it’s stout season.

It was a coffee stout at the Triumph Brewing Company that won me over, but they’re not the only ones offering deliciously creamy stouts. Next time you want to order a beer for the girl at the other end of the bar, consider…


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It’s a classic and, this year, Guinness celebrates its 250th anniversary. To mark the occasion, they’ve created a limited-edition stout.


Looking through the Southern Tier Brewing Company’s website makes my mouth water. With flavors like creme brulee, coffee, oatmeal, and chocolate, all I really care about is where I can gets me some.


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Samuel Adams. Another classic, and a purveyor of several stouts. Mostly, though, I’m excited to try this cream stout I picked up from Stew Leonard’s earlier today. I have to wait until tomorrow, though, when I hold my weekly So You Think You Can Dance viewing.


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Oh my god, this beer is not available in NJ, and that makes me sad, if only because its label perfectly reflects my state of being when left alone with a coffee pot for too long. Here’s where it is available. You should check out their other stouts as well.

What am I missing out on? Bonus points if you can point me in the direction of a good coffee stout! I’m new to the stout scene, and eager to learn more.