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Happy Hour: Can a Bloody Mary Spice up Your Love Life?

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It’s the classic Bloody Mary scene: a bunch of friends at a dark bar, sunglasses and hangovers all around. But can the Bloody Mary be more than just hair of the dog? With the right recipe — and the right drinking partner — I’d say absolutely yes.

Generally, my Bloody Mary consumption has been limited to morning afters; that is, until a Bloody Mary came along that changed everything:

When you see a sign like this, you stop for a drink. Even if it’s 6pm on a Monday and Sunday’s hangover is long gone. I can’t even remember the name of this bar (the Bloody Marys were that good), but here’s what I do remember: after a third round of spicy goodness, the bartender leaked her secret — Bon Appetit and minimalism.


Bon Appetit has a recipe for the best Bloody Mary, and with its 19-plus ingredients it better be magic in a glass. This bartender took that recipe and minimized it to easy, delicious perfection — perfect for sipping any time of day, and guaranteed to capture hearts and cure the ensuing hangover:

The Perfect Bloody Mary
• equal parts tomato, carrot, and fennel
• splash of lemon juice
• splash of Worcestershire
• splash of hot sauce (Sriracha works great)
• 1/2 a Guiness
• vodka
• garnish of your choice (my preference is green olives and lemon wedges)

Put the veggies in the blender with a splash of water and puree. Stir in the remaining ingredients except vodka and garnish; chill overnight if possible. Mix with a hefty dose of vodka, add garnish and black pepper, and enjoy perfection.

Bloody Mary might just be your new lady luck in the love department.