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Happy Hour: Capture Hearts with a Cocktail

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Everybody needs a signature drink, and not just to speed things along when your mind goes blank at the bar. A signature drink — if chosen wisely — can work as your own personal tool of attraction. And trust me, this is a strategy that never fails to pay off.

I’ve experimented quite a bit in the signature drink department, at first because I loved ordering up classy, classic cocktails (case in point: I was stuck on greyhounds for a good couple of years). At some point, I realized that the moment you order a drink is ripe with possibility. Order something distinctive — in other words, a drink that says something bold about you — and you might just get the attention of the object of your attention.

In my experience, nothing captures attention quite like a sexy girl ordering a bourbon drink. Hell, anything with an amber hue tends to send the boys at the bar reeling. Which is why I’d recommend studying up on the dark spirits:


This book boasts 300-plus pages of bourbon, whiskey, and all cocktails amber-centric. Pick a winner, make it your drink, and you’ll be breaking hearts at bars all over town in no time.

[$16, Amazon]