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Happy Hour: Carrying the World on Your Shoulders

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You’ve got the whole world in your hands. Rather, that’s the sentiment you’re trying to express to potential partners.

Show your classic taste, worldliness, and choice of fine liquor with Old World Globe Bars. These globe bars use fine woods and are perfectly detailed.

[$790, 1 World Globes]


This globe bar, which is the most expensive one, features the finest maple from Malaysia and Vietnam and 24k gold plated ribbons for latitude and longitude lines. Everything is hand carved and hand stained. And with the slits at the bottom, you have more than enough space for your single malt scotch and rare wine bottles.

[$2,045, 1 World Globes]


If you have expensive, sophisticated taste but can’t really afford to live that lifestyle just yet, this reproduction of a XVII Century globe is the cheapest it gets. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s shabby. This globe bar is handcrafted in Italy, using man-made materials and hardwood.

[$300, 1 World Globes]

So show that lady/man that you can take the whole world on, one drink at a time.

[$300 – $2,045, 1 World Globes]

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