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Happy Hour: Clare and Her Favorite Beer

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A little while back, I went on a quick trip to Chicago to visit friends. One night, after requisite stops at Happy Village and the Rainbow Room, we found ourselves at a cozy little pub-space filled with ceramic owls.

The atmosphere was near-perfect for late-night drinking well away from the snow, and thankfully we ran into Clare — a regular who let us know her favorite (and very apropos) drink: a Hitachino White Ale.

The owl on the label truly made it the perfect complement to the bar’s aesthetics, but the real treat was in the beer itself: Hitachino is freakin’ delicious. If you haven’t tried a white ale, take it from me, Clare, and our whole group of carousing friends — Hitachino is a pretty wonderful place to start.

[$5.50, Wally’s]