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Happy Hour: Endless Summer in the Dead of Winter

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I just got back from an amazing few days in Troncones, Mexico, and it was everything I’d been pining for: hot sun, sandy beaches, and a whole lot of tasty margaritas. If you’v never swung in a hammock in 90 degree heat with a fresh-made margarita in your hand and the ocean at your back… well, let’s just say it does wonders for your sanity and your sex life.

Of course, when I got home good old sunny California was in the midst of a horrendous winter. And while rain and wind has its charms, there’s just something much sweeter about boozing it up in the heat. The solution? Crank up the apartment heat, make a batch of margaritas, and pretend it’s the middle of July.

And since good limes are hard to come by in these chilly winter months, allow me to suggest the next best thing:

Dr. Swami and Bone Daddy’s mix is the next best thing to margaritas from scratch. Shake it up, serve it cold, and you’ll have a party in no time.

[$32 for 4 bottles, Big Wave]