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Happy Hour: Everyone Loves the Bartender

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The bartender gets all the love. At house parties, somehow one guy takes command as bartender and ends up being the life of the party. He’s talking up all the ladies, making the mixed shots, and probably having more fun than half the people striking out elsewhere in the party. To emphasize your masculinity while fixing drinks, do it next to do this machismo home bar.

Rustic and manly, this hand-finished home bar will take your bartender’s appeal to the next level. Featuring pine and pine veneer, adjustable levers for uneven floors, towel bar, cast iron bottle opener, this is more for the bartender of the lumberjack variety, not James Bond. There’s plenty of space on the bottom for all your glasses and room up top for your array of liquors.

May I suggest Hendricks Gin, Van Gogh Vodka, and Knob Creek whiskey to get this manly collection started?

[$1,400, Pottery Barn]

[via Uncrate]