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Happy Hour: Fernet Fever

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Last night, we ended up at the late night happy hour at Marzano — a dark, factory-inspired wine bar with tasty pizza and tastier cocktails. While we munched spicy sausage and sipped the Sicilian Punch (made with "booze, juice, and love"), we couldn’t help but notice that the drink menu featured a Fernet special.

This little herbal spirit is everywhere right now, but Marzano’s take is my new favorite: the special is called The Industry, and it’s a shot of Fernet that comes with a Scrimshaw Pilsner back. By the second round, we were completely sold.

Whether you order The Industry by name or ingredients, it’s a combination that will pay off in more ways than one. First: Fernet is sort of like the Scarlett Johansson of booze — it’s sexy, sophisticated, and all the rage. Second: the shot followed by a beer back will get you lubricated enough to make suave conversation but not so drunk that you’ll send interested parties packing. And third (this one’s a little tip from our bartender): the herbs that are used to make Fernet actually get rid of bad breath.

Pure genius, no matter how you drink it.

[Fernet at BevMo], [Scrimshaw Pilsner at North Coast Brewing]