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Happy Hour: Glamour Shots

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Can tequila make you feel as hot as this model? After last night’s shenanigans at the late-night tequila bar, I’m inclined to say absolutely yes.

We decided to drop by La Pinata around midnight, and the place was packed — maybe it was the hour or the festive disposition of pretty much everybody nearby, but we were inspired to try a sample flight. Which turned into another sample flight. Which, well, turned into quite the memorable tequila experience:

Three flights, two rounds of margaritas, and one chile relleno later, and tequila is my new favorite sippin’ shot. Of everything we tried, 1921’s reposado was the winner. It was spicy and sexy, but also somehow ladylike with hints of honey and vanilla. In fact, it’s so good that I highly recommend staging a sampling party of your very own:

Delicious, and it won’t rant about you on the Internet the morning after.

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