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Happy Hour: Happy Accidents

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I find that wine drunk is the most ideal kind of drunk when you’re on a date. It’s delicious, goes great with meals, you get to feel all fancy in the pants, and it fills you with this nice, silly drowsiness.

If you’re like me — a wine novice — you pick your wine based on the type you want and price (and, occasionally, the packaging).

For us nondiscriminatory wine drinkers, The Accidental Wine Company is the perfect choice.


The Accidental Wine Company sells good wine at a ridiculously low price. Like, up to 40% low. They are able to do so because they sell the rejects that other stores don’t want.

Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with these wines. However, the bottles are not presentable to some. Whether the labels are torn, crooked, or covered with wine stains from a broken bottle in the same box, this says nothing of the quality of the wine in the bottle.

Ultimately, isn’t what’s inside the most important thing?

Not to mention, that the wine you’re drinking will be a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

With three different tiers of wine selections (“David’s Proclivity”, “Janice’s Style”, and “Micah’s Indulgence”) you pick whether you want red, white, or a combo and they’ll send you the bottles that fit into that category. And if you want the really good stuff, you can get on there “Opulent Obsessions” list where you’ll be notified of the $100 – $500 bottles coming their way.

[Starting at $36 for 3, The Accidental Wine Company]

[via Valet.]