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Happy Hour: Homebrewed Romance

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Have you noticed that everybody’s making their own beer these days? I swear, my Facebook feed is full of status updates and tasting notes and drunken photos, all centered on so-and-so’s newest homebrew. I’ve got to admit, I didn’t quite get it. I mean, it’s so easy to go to the store, grab a six pack, and voila, instant beer satisfaction. That was until I spent an evening at a friend’s house enjoying her freshly homebrewed ale. Several beers in, she nodded towards the kitchen, where her man was hard at work hopping their next batch, and said, “We’ve been having way more sex since we started homebrewing.”

If that’s not a raging recommendation, I’m not sure what is.

Apparently, something about the slowed-down process of completing each step paired with the fairly foolproof transformation of your labor into a frosty and delicious beer is an unmatched turn-on. That, and the self-sufficiency aspect of it is pretty irresistible. Who knew that beer-making could be so hot?

Needless to say, my homebrew kit is now officially en route:


[$27 – $40, Homebrewers]