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Happy Hour: Making Times Simple and Sweet

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Spring has officially sprung in the Bay Area, and yesterday the sunshine was so appealing that a bunch of us played hookie and headed to Lake Temescal. Somebody had the foresight to bring along a little portable barbecue, and by midday we were grilling sausages and packing Simpler Times on ice. Truly, a perfect Wednesday afternoon.

The best part about our impromptu Saturday-on-a-Wednesday? It was utterly affordable (thus, even less guilt about skipping out on work for the day). Our friend Craig’s handy barbecue has proved to be an excellent investment, and it’s no secret that Simpler Times comes at about three bucks for a six pack. Find some grillin’ goodies and a beautiful spot, and you’ve got one of the best cheap dates around.

I don’t want to make any rash predictions, but I’m pretty sure I smell summer on the way.