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Happy Hour: Pleased as Punch

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I am thrilled about the adult punch competition at Omnivore Books in SF this Saturday — five bucks gets you in the door for unlimited party punch tasting and judging. And I don’t know about you guys, but I like to be very thorough in my judgment of adult party beverages. The whole thing is irresistible if only because punch truly does spark a party; in fact, the last punch I had was at the Nerve Hendrick’s gin party last year in SF. Needless to say, the punch disappeared almost as quickly as the crowd’s inhibitions.  

And since punch is so damned fun, we’ve been prepping our tastebuds with booze-y, fruity concoctions all week. Our favorite so far is the bubbly gin punch:

Gin Fizz Party Punch
20 oranges, juiced
12 lemons, juiced
2 quarts gin
4 jiggers grenadine
6 dashes orange bitters
2 quarts chilled soda water
Stir together all ingredients and serve with ice.

Yep, it’s that simple. The only real trick about punch is making an ice block that won’t water down your booze. Chow has a great little how-to video on using a bundt cake pan to make tasty ice, but I’m also a fan of freezing chunks of fruit in a baggie to use as ice.

And the best part about a punch party? The more booze and more people, the more memorable your fruity shenanigans.