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Happy Hour: Root Tea

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When you’re on a date with a girl and you order a refreshing pop, perhaps you might choose to make it a root beer and use the opportunity to digress into the fascinating story of Root Beer, or as it was originally known, Root Tea, and invite her back to your place to try this rare, historic drink.

Root Tea was Root Beer before Root Beer (which became so when they removed all the alcohol due to the Temperance Movement). Art in the Age has decided to make Root in it’s original form, totally organic and 80 proof, for the true taste of colonial America. They assure that this is “NOT Root Beer flavored vodka or sickly sweet liqueur.”

So get ready to impress that special someone with your knowledge of American History, rare alcoholic beverages, and delicious concoctions like the Rootini  or the Brooklyn.


[Art in the Age]

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