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Happy Hour Roundup: Best Bars for Entertaining

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[$419, HomeBar Select]

I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV lately, the contents of which have assured me of at least one thing: Minibars are a key component for those who enjoy entertaining, both large crowds and that hottie you just invited up for a nightcap.

Which is why I’ve pulled together a roundup of home bars that will allow you to entertain in style.

Like this foldable bar from HomeBar Select, which has a good amount of room for booze and stemware alike, plus a long countertop for mixing and pouring.

Below, I bring you five more home bars, arranged in order from least to most expensive:


[$89, HomeBarCentral]


[$299, Crate and Barrel]


[$319.99, Target]


[$799, HomeBar Select]


[$1,309, Velocity]

Show your date that you know how to treat a guest.