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Happy Hour: Share the Naked Pint

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You may have found that awesome guy/girl. They are perfect in nearly every single way. One problem: their tastes are a bit pedestrian when it comes to beer.

It can be difficult for someone with sullied taste buds from too many Naty Light keg stands to truly appreciate good beer. A lil’ Beer 101 is in order.

The Naked Pint by Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune is a thorough, but enjoyable read. They arm you with the facts to be a beer snob but do it in a way where you’re laughing the entire time.

Honestly, as shallow as it sounds, shitty taste in beer can be a dealbreaker. I am truly disappointed when I see people with bottles of Bud Light when there is a happy hour special of $2 import draft pints going on.

[$14, Amazon]

[via The Awesomer]