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Happy Hour: Shoot for the Moonshine

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Ah, the good old days of makin’ moonshine… days when your tub served as a booze-cooler and an evening’s entertainment involved your lady, your porch, and a fresh gin and juice. But since we all can’t brew booze in our bathtubs these days, thank goodness for Tub — a gin that aims to put some old-fashioned in your Fizz.


If Tub’s hand-picked Juniper goodness doesn’t win you over, then its ad campaign definitely will. Supposedly, this limited edition gin was brewed in a bathtub and shot out (literally) when the distilling was done. Needless to say, after you impress your date with this near-authentic moonshine, you’ll both be ready to shoot for something spectacular.

[$33, PA Wine & Spirits]

[via Uncrate]