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Happy Hour: Show Him You’re Pure…Despite the Partying

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So you go to a different party or club every night. After downing a bottle of wine, pregame-style. Singlehandedly.

It doesn’t mean you’re not a good girl. You just know how to have a good time.

So he may have been turned off by the fact that you flashed everyone your new bra from The Gap last night, while dancing on the bar. And that you passed out in the passenger seat when he was forced to drive you home for your own safety. No worries. Just invite him up for a nightcap and show him your purity.

Or rather, your Purit√©…a line of white wines produced by Fess Parker Winery¬ís Epiphany Cellars.

And in this case, “purity” refers to the fact that these whites are unoaked. Yum!

So enjoy! He’ll come around.

You can find the bottles for $18 and up by searching Snooth (my new favorite site, btw).

[Via Wine.Woot]