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Happy Hour: Tallboys and Total Strangers

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The other night, we found ourselves enjoying Happy Hour at Merchant’s Saloon in Oakland. It’s a cool, old sailor bar near the docks, complete with pool table, a well-loved arcade version of Big Game Hunter, a black light nook, and the coldest, tastiest tallboys I’ve ever had.

There’s something fairly nostalgic about drinking tallboys in a dark bar while the sun sets outside, and the couple (Christina and Daniel) sitting next to us at the bar agreed. Turns out they love their tallboys so much that they dressed up as PBR 24-ouncers last Halloween (Christina pointed me in the direction of the Instructables article on how to accomplish just such a feat).

It was a perfect evening of free-flowing cheap beer and bonding with complete (though absolutely charming) strangers, all with an excellent moral at the end: a tallboy is never a bad idea, so you might as well do it in style.

[$10 for 4 tallboy glasses, CheapFever]